Get your %15 coupon

Sky Phoenix Studio ( is having their winter showcase this Sunday March 26 at 12:30pm and 4:30pm. Coupons for the two drawing classes offered here at Burlington Paint will be handed out. That’s %15 off the full class. Plus you’ll get to see where the classes are taking place. Limited supply of coupons available. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Hello world!

We are support excited about launching Burlington Paint! Our amazing host Sky Phoenix Studios ( is such a great place for kids to learn to be comfortable in themselves while they learn to be creative. Their community based culture focuses on kids need to have fun, be creative and learn a skill. It’s revolutionary and we can’t wait to be a part of that!

Our first two drawing classes are for youths ages 6-8 and 9-12. Soon we will have classes for older people like teens and adults. Don’t miss out on our painting events! Those are coming soon.

Let us know if you have a group of people who want to have a creative event or class. Group painting (or something else) can be easily arranged. Just let us know what you want via email at